Neozeed Translations


Madoka manga translations.

Title: Comiket 83 Kinokonabe Hinanjo Bonus Manga
Released: C83
Other: Bonus for people that got Madokano.
Download (Feb 22)
Title: Homukano
Released: C84
Universe: Post-TV anime timeline where they all survived.
Download (Feb 22)
Title: Ultikano
Released: C84
Universe: Post-TV anime.
Download (v2, March 24)
Title: Majokano
Released: C86
Universe: Inside Homura’s Rebellion dream.
Download (v2, March 24)
Title: Nisekano
Released: C87
Universe: Post-Rebellion.
Download (Apr 10)
Title: Towakano
Released: C88
Universe: Inside look at the Law of Cycles.
Download (Apr 16)
Editor: Joseph from TinyChan
Title: Ochikano
Released: C89
Universe: Post-Rebellion.
Download (May 14)
Redraws: Joseph from TinyChan

Title: Sachikano
Released: C90
Universe: Post-Rebellion.
Download (May 27)
Redraws: Joseph from TinyChan
Title: Anta Nanka Daikirai
Released: C90
Universe: All over the place. Homura & Sayaka chilling.
Download (Apr 28)
Redraws: Joseph from TinyChan


The call of MadoHomu once again binds me to this earthly realm, sublimating my ego into Translation NEO ZEED "MADOHOMU type" 〜new ver.〜. I'm a big fan of a few Madoka doujin circles, and saw some of their works forgotten untranslated. So now I'm trying to translate the Kinokonabe Hinanjo (Maitake) Madoka books that are out.

With Sachikano, all major books are translated. A great one to finish with. Sachikano is the sweetest, and it's my favorite together with Towakano. Now I'll finish some odds and ends, do a few v2s (I didn't forget about my promise to do the afterwords), then move to a new artist I'm keeping ~secret~. 🤠

Comments? Email me at franz at this website dot net.